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Do not have time or enough skills for fast and hassle-free website migration? We will take care of all technical issues and transfer your website with all of its vital entities. Take the most of your site, save your time, and efforts!

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Wix to WordPress

Key Benefits of Wix to WordPress Migration

Are you the Wix site owner requiring a more robust and SEO-friendly platform? Would you like to move to the world’s most recognizable CMS with all of your Wix entities without technical heavy lifting? We offer an all-in-one converting solution that will prevent you from hours of copy-pasting. Benefit from the automated migration service and take the full advantage of:

SEO-Friendly Sites

WordPress websites are probably the best bet when it comes to search engine compatibility. It works great with Google and other systems resulting in higher website rankings.

Exclusive Design

WordPress ensures more design flexibility letting you implement any style and stand out from competitors. Forget about custom templates and establish your exclusive web presence.

Hosting Flexibility

Do not stick to a single hosting solution delivered by the website builder. Benefit from hosting freedom and pick the best-matching server solution that serves your needs.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Take the most of your mobile users and benefit from the best responsive web olution a website owner can get. Get a chance to drive maximum mobile traffic despite the device or arrier.

Flexibility at ZERO Cost

WordPress is 100% free platform with the ability to manage your domain and hosting separately. Choose the best offers on the market and save money.

Total Freedom

Update, modify or customize your website whatever you want. Change page structure or design, move blocks, create new sections and keep it all under personal control.







Why Choose Us

We boast a pull of experts who provide full-scale support on each stage of the website migration. We complete the converting process in minutes transferring all the vital website entities and assets.

Team of Experts

Our team consists of experienced developers who are experts in working with both Wix and WordPress. They work together to let you make the most of your online projects.

Round-the-Clock Support

We do care about our customers and ensure 24/7 possibility to get in touch with our support team. Feel free to get in touch despite the issue you want to resolve.

Affordable Prices

Our mission is to ensure a smooth and fast website migration process rather than overcharging. We establish clear and affordable pricing policy with no hidden fees.

Valid Codes

Our developers use only approved and 100% valid codes to ensure smooth website running after the migration. We strictly follow W3C code standards.

Individual Approach

You will get your personal developer that will take care of the process form the beginning to end. The developer is available for 24/7 consultations or help.

Full Refund Guarantee

Feel like we haven’t done enough? Feel free to claim a full refund although it is very unlikely we are unable to complete the task as we boast 100% customer satisfaction.

Crystal Clear Process

You may keep an eye on each stage of the migration process. Monitor the website transfer, contact our developers or simply lay back and enjoy the automated process.

Maintenance and Support

We provide free maintenance and support services after the migration issuccessfully completed. You may count on 6-months professional assistance.

Quality Guarantee

We hit 10 out of 10 when it comes to customers’ satisfaction. Check our testimonials section for more information and reviews by previous clients.

All-in-One Website Migration Service!

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How It Works

1. Send Request

Send a request at ZERO cost and get a response from our team shortly. We will review all the migration requirements and get back with the ultimate quote in 24 hours.

2. Start Migration

Once we have negotiated all the project terms, we start the website transfer process. You do not have to pay until the work is done.

3. Completed

After the migration project is completed, you pay the sum and make sure we follow all the requirements.

4. Go Live

The final stage is the website deployment. You go live with your domain and all site entities ready for usage. This is where you pay the remaining 40% of the initial price.

Once the request is sent we will come back with the full list of services we provide. Our experts offer some of the recommended capabilities based on their tremendous experience to make the migration process as fast and efficient as possible. You will be aware of the timeframes, pricing policy, project duration, and other essential issues.

All-in-One Website Migration Service!

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Read Customers’ Testimonials

“I am a professional photographer with a Wix-based portfolio. At first, everything went smoothly. However, the more photos and works I added, the slower my website became. In the end, it got very annoying and irritating. Thanks, for a fast migration! It appeared to be a great solution for me!”

Mary Jankovski, copywriter

“At some point, my website on Wix started losing its positions in search ranking. I could not sort out the problem until I realized that WordPress is still the best choice for SEO optimization. The migration helped to gain lost positions back! Thank you so much!”

Harold Mitchell, photographer

“Great Support, friendly staff, caring managers and developers. They explained literally every aspect of the upcoming workflow. Appreciate their approach and affordable prices.”

Clara Sebastiano, marketing-manager

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

It means general website design, content (images, videos, texts) and domain name transfer.
Yes, we can. Our developer's team will make any change or update you need. Make sure you indicate your requirements when sending a quote.
Timeframe mainly depends on project complexity. Let’s say you want to transfer a simple website with up to 5 pages. The migration will hardly take more than 7 days.
Of course, you can! Feel free to discuss via email all the issues and make suggestions before getting started.

Technical Issues

The process consists of several stages. First of all, you need to send a request and our experts will get in touch in 24 hours to discuss your requirements and suggestions. Once you have accepted all the terms, we start the website transfer. Our team deals with maintenance and service after the migration to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Yes, we do.
We create a customixed design based on ready-made WordPress Templates. We also use HTML/CSS to convert the existing website to the new platform.
You will be aware of all add-ons and plugins installed on the new website. All of them are safe, trusted, and tested by our experts.
Of course, we may add any plugin you wish to see on the website. Simply specify them in the quote or discuss them with developers.
Our developers will do their best to save some of the elements you want to see on the answered website. We will inform you in case of some difficulties before the migration process to find a better alternative.
Yes, it will. We guarantee higher website speed after the migration.
Yes, it is discussed in very individual occasion depending on the website complexity, type, etc.

Pricing Policy

You do not have to pay until the website transfer is complete.
We use Payoneer invoices. It means that you are free to use your Payoneer account as well as debit/credit card to complete the purchase.
Yes, this is discussed on request.
The price depends on the project complexity, page amount, project type, etc. The average price can be compared with the development of a 5-page Wix site.

Additional Migration Services

Yes, it is unless your Wix domain was registered less than 60 days ago. In this case, you will have to wait for the 60-day timeframe for immediate transfer.
Of course, it will. You immediately go live with the transferred website.
Sure, it’s all in your hands! To do that, however, you should have some technical knowledge background. You should select proper hosting, install WordPress CMS and export the content from your old website to the new one. Then you should point your domain name to the new hosting and complete all the above mentioned steps in a proper way. Sounds scary, but you can do all of that by yourself. We advise to dive deeply into the topic, read articles, describing the process of Wix to WordPress transfer: Switching from Wix to WordPress. The most important here - is to properly evaluate your abilities.

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